business management Services

  • Independent business and/or development viability studies/reviews and reports. Including opportunity cost calculations and -control; we just love a spreadsheet.
  • Marketing strategies for your business and/or property development.
  • Project management for new ventures and/or property development.
  • Rescue operations. We can’t “wake the dead”, but we can do our best to treat the “wounded business”. (The first appointment is free)
  • Analyzing and structuring of funding for business acquisitions or property transactions – we have access to people who really knows funding!
  • Business partners, property, or management tangled in disputes and issues? – we can step in, mediate and give an independent opinion.
  • Corporate governance and compliance with legislation
  • Access to bridging financing and venture capital
  • Virtual management services; the process of engaging remotely in business consulting

Here’s a challenge: save your business into a profitable position!